South Texas Promotions Scouting for Top College Talent

The president of South Texas Promotions announced plans for team expansion, and offered tips to help college students and graduates prepare for promising careers.

“The world advances quickly – particularly in terms of technology, which of course greatly influences the advertising industry,” said Sandra Q., the president of South Texas Promotions. “That’s why we embrace constant innovation and growth. If we don’t find new ways to engage consumers, we’ll quickly fall behind our competition. That’s the last thing we want to happen!”

To accommodate expanding business needs in this evolving landscape, Sandra explained that she and her colleagues are scouting for fresh new talent. She plans to fill several positions with ambitious, forward-thinking people capable of meeting the demands of a diverse portfolio of brands and to contribute value to the firm itself.

“I’m pleased to say that we have a lot to offer new hires,” Sandra stated. “Our leaders at South Texas Promotions want to help people establish lasting and successful careers instead of simply giving them jobs. That’s why every role in our firm is designed to facilitate professional growth. Those who join our team are fully supported and trained in all details of our operations and to use the most transformative marketing methods. We also have a progressive advancement policy that allows for promotions based on merit, which means the hardest-working people are furthered swiftly. The sky is the limit. Check out our website to learn more.”

South Texas Promotions’ President Helps College Students Embark on Their Careers

“I believe that college students and recent graduates have a lot of potential to succeed in the marketing field,” Sandra continued. “I hope to add plenty of these bright minds to the team at South Texas Promotions. To that end, there are some steps they should take to position themselves favorably in the job market.”

According to Sandra, it’s never too soon to create a profile on LinkedIn. Even high school students can benefit from doing so. It’s an easy and effective way to start building a professional network. Similarly, starting and posting regularly on a WordPress blog will help establish online presence and credibility.

“I also strongly suggest that these individuals seek internships and coaches as early as possible,” Sandra concluded. “The career services programs at most colleges and universities prove to be excellent resources in these areas, but sadly very few students make use of them. These offices can help people improve their resumes and prepare for interviews as well. Finally, most schools offer industry-specific groups, which are immensely useful. There’s just so much support out there to encourage long-term success – why not welcome it?”

About South Texas Promotions

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