South Texas Promotions Maintains a Shining Company Culture

Team members at South Texas Promotions don't just know how to do their jobs well. They also know how to have fun. The business thrives as a result of their positive company culture and team-building efforts.

“Since the beginning of South Texas Promotions, my colleagues and I have developed and nurtured an office environment in which everyone feels energized, supported, and engaged,” said Sandra, the director of operations at South Texas Promotions. “Our team members thrive in it.”

Sandra pointed out that the company culture paves the way for the nonstop development and growth of the South Texas Promotions experts. “They know we value them, because we invest in their advancement so heavily,” she stated. “That’s not all – we also welcome their ideas and feedback. Our people have different perspectives than their managers, so they often notice things the rest of us miss. It’s one of the many ways they influence the success of the firm.”

The company director expanded further on the company’s training and development program. She indicated that from the moment a team member is hired, he or she enters an intensive learning regimen with the individualized guidance of a more experienced associate. Everyone in the group completes it, coming away with skills and knowledge regarding the most cutting-edge techniques in the industry.

“Of course, the growth doesn’t stop for associates when they finish the initial training,” Sandra explained. “They set short-term and long-term goals, and when they achieve these objectives our people are recognized and rewarded with further opportunities. They may be promoted, for instance, or invited to attend a prestigious conference or retreat.”

“I think one of the reasons things work so smoothly here is that we are all very open and forthcoming with one another,” Sandra continued. “Everyone is clear about what is expected of them, and they know how their work contributes to the overall mission. With that information, they are trusted and empowered to make important decisions. It’s all highly transparent, and it’s all such a pleasure.”

South Texas Promotions’ Work Culture Facilitates Team Building

According to Sandra, the South Texas Promotions team does a lot of great work. However, the associates are careful to carve time from their schedules to have fun together. “We’re all really social,” she concluded. “We frequently have dinner together or schedule a game night. In the past we have gone bowling, attended concerts, played mini-golf, and many other fun events. These activities ensure that we stay closely knit, and we all have a blast, so it is a win-win for everyone!”

About South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions focuses on event-based marketing because this method provides enduring and quantifiable access to new markets while continuing to mine the potential of existing consumer bases. Through strategic research, cutting-edge design, and innovative channels of communication, South Texas Promotions’ advertising experts mesmerize audiences in a variety of industries and produce tangible profits. Due to their tremendous success, the firm has enjoyed remarkably fast expansion, operating in a number of different locales both locally and nationwide. To find out more about their unique approach to front-of-mind brand awareness for companies of all sizes, visit their website at