South Texas Promotions Travels to Potential Markets

Sandra Quintero, CEO of South Texas Promotions, has team members using travel to develop their professional skills while also growing the company's influence. She discussed the different trips available to associates.

There are many benefits of being part of Team South Texas Promotions, according to Sandra. The firm’s comprehensive training program, for example, includes one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars to ensure team members have access to all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in interactive marketing. Sandra is also committed to promoting from within, making the firm a desirable career destination for ambitious professionals seeking a place where they can grow.

However, the most exciting perk available to South Texas Promotions is the frequent travel. Company trips serve a variety of different functions for the team, including recognition, training, chances to network, and more. One month might find top performers flying to a rest and relaxation retreat at an exotic resort hotel, while another has them journeying to Dallas for a weekend leadership conference. These journeys serve to supplement the extensive in-house training while also rewarding hard work and expanding the horizons of everyone on the team.

South Texas Promotions’ CEO on the Benefits of Road Travel

While the glamorous travel opps to big cities and tropical locales grab attention, it’s the humble road trip that’s the real workhorse of the South Texas Promotions travel program. Texas is a big place, and a beautiful one as well; chances to travel the roads of the Lone Star State are some of the best ways to gain an appreciation for it.

Also, by driving to cities within a few hours of Edinburg, team members can explore potential new markets for expansion. This on-the-ground approach gives them a real taste for all that an area has to offer, and helps them discover unique destinations that one might miss if they were just flying in and flying out.

Another benefit of road travel is the time team members spend together. There are few better ways to make lifelong friends than by spending a few hours in a car with people, and Sandra appreciates the connections that are made while driving. She is certain that these enhance the South Texas Promotions culture, making both communication and collaboration easier.

South Texas Promotions team members will be visiting several cities in Texas throughout 2019. Sandra is looking forward to both expansion and camaraderie as a result.

About South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions focuses on event-based marketing because this method provides enduring and quantifiable access to new markets while continuing to mine the potential of existing consumer bases. Through strategic research, cutting-edge design, and innovative channels of communication, South Texas Promotions’ advertising experts mesmerize audiences in a variety of industries and produce tangible profits. Due to their tremendous success, the firm has enjoyed remarkably fast expansion, operating in a number of different locales both locally and nationwide. To find out more about their unique approach to front-of-mind brand awareness for companies of all sizes, visit their website at

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