South Texas Promotions' Team Maximizes Travel Perks

Members of Team South Texas Promotions recently attended an enlightening conference. The firm's Director of Operations detailed the event and highlighted a few benefits of team travel incentives.

​Venturing away from the office with teammates brings fresh insights that inspire outstanding performance. That’s the shared belief around the South Texas Promotions office, which is why the firm’s brand experts receive a variety of travel opportunities. “Our team members network with top leaders in the industry and learn new marketing tactics when they travel,” stated Sandra, the firm’s Director of Operations. “A few of our top performers recently attended a conference in Newport Beach, California. They came back inspired to put what they learned to good use.”

During their time in Newport Beach, standouts from Team South Texas Promotions attended keynote speeches from some of the most accomplished leaders in the industry. Sandra stated, “The focal points of these presentations were leadership skills and emerging marketing techniques. Our brand experts were able to interact with these speakers throughout the event, picking their brains for helpful career insights.”

"Our team members network with top leaders in the industry and learn new marketing tactics when they travel."

Sandra, Director of Operations

When they returned to South Texas Promotions HQ, Sandra arranged a Q&A session to allow conference attendees to share what they learned with their teammates. “This made for a memorable day at the office,” the Director noted. “Not only did the rest of our team gain some valuable information, they were also inspired to take their performance up a notch. They want to be sure to qualify for the next big travel incentive more than ever.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations on the Benefits of Team Excursions

Aside from vital learning and networking opportunities, Sandra also believes in the team-building benefits of regular travel incentives. She explained, “The more industry events our team members attend, the better feel they have for what’s possible in our business. They see the bigger picture, both in terms of the approaches other top performers use and the heights they can reach if they set clear goals for advancement.”

Teammates who work alongside each other every day get to learn more about their unique personality traits when they hit the road. Sandra remarked, “Representing our company while interacting with other successful people is a great way to forge stronger bonds. Our people come back from their travel engagements with even greater appreciation for the unique talents we’ve collected under the South Texas Promotions roof. The end result is smoother teamwork and bigger wins for the brands we promote.”

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