South Texas Promotions Team Attends Enlightening Conference

South Texas Promotions' director of operations detailed a recent industry conference and explained how much it helped the firm's associates. She also discussed the company's emphasis on ongoing training.

The South Texas Promotions team just returned from an industry conference that offered a range of learning opportunities. “We attend industry events throughout the year, but conferences like this one help our people develop like nothing else,” stated Sandra, the firm’s director of operations. “Our associates bonded with other top professionals from across the country. They shared best practices and learned valuable new tricks of the trade in the process.”

Along with making helpful new contacts, the firm’s associates heard inspiring speeches from industry leaders. The director added, “Some of the marketing world’s most influential figures took the stage. They have so much wisdom to share, and I know our people left the event with new perspectives on what it takes to achieve sustained success. I can’t wait to see our team apply the lessons they learned at the conference. I’m sure they will deliver even greater results thanks to the speakers’ insights.”

"When professionals get the chance to interact outside of the office and learn more about each other as people, it has lasting positive effects for a company,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

The shared travel experience that went along with the conference also allowed the South Texas Promotions team to grow closer. “When professionals get the chance to interact outside of the office and learn more about each other as people, it has lasting positive effects for a company,” Sandra said. “After a trip like this, I always notice that our people work together more smoothly. You can't overstate the team-strengthening benefits of travel."


South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations Outlines the Firm’s Focus on Training


“Here at South Texas Promotions, we emphasize training as much for our seasoned performers as we do for new hires,” declared Sandra. “We organize team development sessions in a wide range of subjects. Customer service, presentation skills, and effective networking are topics that we have covered in recent weeks. We will continue to make ongoing training a priority as we move forward.”

Company leaders’ focus on training and development also allows new additions to the team to flourish. By pairing them with experienced associates, new hires get the chance to learn the business from the ground up. They also have the opportunity to sharpen their talents on an accelerated timeframe. The director explained, “We want every addition to our team to feel welcome and empowered to succeed. I think our commitment to one-to-one education is a significant part of our continuing prosperity.”

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