South Texas Promotions Sharpens Team Culture Through Travel

South Texas Promotions' Director of Operations discussed recent team-travel opportunities and how they bring professionals closer. She also shared a few of her favorite tips for efficient business travel.

“Our South Texas Promotions associates have frequent opportunities to broaden their horizons through travel,” stated Sandra, the firm’s Director of Operations. “Whether they are industry events or exotic retreats, our people get to learn new techniques and recharge their batteries.” The Director knows these excursions enhance the firm’s team culture. She remarked, “The South Texas Promotions work atmosphere feels like a family full of hard-working individuals.”

The firm’s associates have enjoyed quite a few unique travel adventures in recent weeks. Sandra explained, “We have regular team dinners, but we have also organized some memorable activities over the last few weeks. One was a beach-day cleanup, in which our people cleaned a section of the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. We also had a fun team night playing the Ultimate Escape Game, which really got our adrenaline pumping.”

"Our South Texas Promotions associates have frequent opportunities to broaden their horizons through travel,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

Members of the South Texas Promotions team will also be attending conferences in Dallas and Newport, California in the near future. The Director commented, “A few hand-selected associates will accompany me to these conferences, where there will be plenty of networking and learning opportunities.” Company leaders are also looking ahead to a rest and relaxation retreat a couple of months down the road. Sandra added, “Our people are already competing to see who gets to attend the retreat, and it will be an exciting day when we announce who qualified.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations Offers Travel Tips

Through the many travel events she and her fellow South Texas Promotions leaders have planned, Sandra has picked up some valuable insights for smoother business trips. She commented, “It doesn’t take many excursions to learn a few time-saving lessons, and I always remind our associates of a few before a big trip. Maybe the most important piece of advice is to invest in a durable and flexible carry-on bag. If you can find one that allows you to pack a lot into a small space, you will save yourself a lot of headaches and the stress of lost luggage.”

The Director also encourages her traveling team members to pack leisure clothing for every trip. She stated, “I think it’s essential to enjoy the sights and sounds of any new place, and just walking around a city will provide a wealth of chances to do so. Also, it’s easier to get some exercise when you’re properly prepared. I always bring a pair of running shoes on a big business trip, and I remind our South Texas Promotions associates to do the same.” 

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