South Texas Promotions Reaps Rewards of Conference

South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations highlighted the benefits of a recent conference attended by two of the firm’s standout performers. She shared her thoughts on the team-building value of travel events.  

By leaving the South Texas Promotions office to attend industry events, the firm’s associates broaden their professional horizons, according to Sandra, the firm’s Director of Operations. Recently, Sarah and Sixela took part in the quarterly leadership conference. They returned to the office with a range of valuable new insights.

"We encourage our people to make the most of their surroundings every time they venture away from the office."

Sandra, Director

Sandra explained, “Sarah and Sixela are both great at interacting with people and bring fantastic work ethics to every day on the job. They both exemplify what it means to be dedicated to constant learning. At the leadership conference, these two ladies could see the growth opportunity we offer in the context of the big picture. Basically, they saw the vision behind it all and gained a sense of urgency to excel.”

Customer engagement strategies were prime areas of focus during the conference. Sandra added, “There were so many valuable insights into how we can drive value for the products South Texas Promotions represents. Also, we get the chance to promote brands on the audience’s home turf.”

The Director enjoys sending new team members to events such as the leadership conference. “These functions give our less-experienced associates lots of chances to learn about the world of sales and marketing,” she said. “They also have opportunities to meet key figures and develop their marketing fundamentals by discussing best practices with peers.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director on Team Building Through Travel

Along with spreading the South Texas Promotions name and learning new concepts, the firm’s associates also become closer as people when they attend conferences and other events. Sandra explained, “We encourage our people to make the most of their surroundings every time they venture away from the office. Great local restaurants and natural attractions typically headline our itineraries when we travel. Combining personal and professional development in these ways makes each trip doubly valuable."

Collaboration also gets a boost from travel. People who work together learn things about each other they never knew before. The Director added, “When we hit the road, we get to see personality quirks which we don’t get to see around the South Texas Promotions office. We also try new things together. All of this means that teamwork back home gets even stronger and more creative.” 

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