South Texas Promotions Prepares for Fourth Quarter Success

The executives at South Texas Promotions highlighted the team's efforts to prepare for a successful fourth quarter. The firm's director of operations discussed tasks that are related to the holiday season.

“The end of the year is fast approaching, which is why we are engaged in our year-end activities,” said Sandra, the director of operations at South Texas Promotions. “In addition to finishing 2015 on a high note, we want to start 2016 with plenty of momentum.”

The executive team knows this is a good time to refine the company’s end-of-year strategies. “Our promotion and marketing schedules have been in place since the beginning of the year,” said Sandra. “Now is the time to refine and execute the remainder of those programs. Our team is ready to complete the work that needs to be done by the end of the quarter.”

"With only a few months left of the year, the brands we represent have additional pressures to achieve their revenue targets,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

“With only a few months left of the year, the brands we represent have additional pressures to achieve their revenue targets,” said Sandra. “Due to our strategic planning, we are prepared to meet these compounded needs.” The South Texas Promotions team will be employing the latest techniques to differentiate their campaigns from the competition. “Everyone will be pulling out all the stops during this time of the year. We are ready to win new business and reinforce customer loyalty,” she added.

As a result of the increased workload, Sandra and the executive team have prepared the organization for the frenetic pace in the office. “Our team understands how busy things become, so we have had plenty of time to get ready,” she said. “We make sure everyone has taken time off during the slower season, and we have implemented a flexible work schedule to accommodate individuals’ personal needs. Travel to conferences and training classes has been done well in advance, so conflicts will be minimized.”

South Texas Promotions Leader Arranges for the Holiday Season

Sandra and the management team realize the holiday season presents additional challenges to the work at South Texas Promotions. “The increased pressure of the holidays adds complexity to the promotions and the technologies that they employ,” she said. “In addition to needing additional resources for campaigns, we must ensure that websites and support systems will be able to handle the holiday rush.”

Last but not least, the holidays are time for cheer and celebration. “Though the end of the year is busy, we don’t want to forget to enjoy this special time of the year,” said Sandra. “Per our tradition, we will host a number of social activities and team-building events to motivate the group. At the end of December, we will celebrate our success with our big holiday party. It’s a night to remember!”

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