South Texas Promotions Offers Professional Coaching

South Texas Promotions' Director of Operations outlined the firm's comprehensive approach to professional development. She also highlighted what she looks for in potential hires.

When new brand specialists join Team South Texas Promotions, they receive immersive training in all phases of the firm’s operations. Sandra, the company’s Director of Operations, explained, “Within our office, the emphasis is on development – both personal and professional. We seek the most motivated people and give them the tools and training to succeed in whatever role they choose. Our fresh approaches to marketing and training yield self-reliant specialists with the skills to efficiently connect with targeted consumers.”

The first week of training at South Texas Promotions is devoted to intense classroom-style teaching. Sandra remarked, “The goal is to work with each person to figure out his or her learning style. This ensures our team members’ success in the program. Each person begins at the entry level and works his or her way up to the campaign manager level. In this role, our people oversee events and learn to meet deadlines.”

After about three months in the campaign management role, South Texas Promotions brand experts advance to the team manager level. “The main priority for team managers is to build and train their own teams,” the Director added. “This is where leadership skills are really sharpened. After proving themselves in this role, our people have further advancement opportunities. The ultimate goal is to become assistant managers who can run their own successful offices in new territories.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director of Operations on What Makes an Ideal Candidate

There are a few key attributes South Texas Promotions hiring managers look for when assessing potential hires. Sandra commented, “With our focus on in-depth professional development, being open to learning new things every day is high on the list of desired traits in a candidate. Anyone who has a track record of gaining new skills and putting them to good use is likely to be a good fit in our office.”

Sandra also prioritizes the ability to set and achieve clear goals when it comes to potential hires. She explained, “During interviews, we might ask candidates about the objectives they’ve set in the past or their goals for the future. Setting well-defined benchmarks has been a key driver of our company’s success, so we want to know that any prospective addition to our team recognizes the value of clear targets. Knowing what you want to accomplish makes it much easier to track progress, make adjustments, and properly direct your efforts.”

About South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions focuses on event-based marketing because this method provides enduring and quantifiable access to new markets while continuing to mine the potential of existing consumer bases. Through strategic research, cutting-edge design, and innovative channels of communication, South Texas Promotions’ advertising experts mesmerize audiences in a variety of industries and produce tangible profits. Due to their tremendous success, the firm has enjoyed remarkably fast expansion, operating in a number of different locales both locally and nationwide. To find out more about their unique approach to front-of-mind brand awareness for companies of all sizes, visit their website at

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