South Texas Promotions Offers Exciting Job Opportunities

The Director of Operations at South Texas Promotions discussed the firm's hiring push and the types of positions available. She also shared her thoughts on why it's important to hire interns and recent college graduates.

Internships and entry-level opportunities are available at South Texas Promotions from now through the summer. Sandra, the firm's Director of Operations, explained, "We have grown significantly over the past few months, so we're looking for the right fits to help us reach even more aggressive expansion goals. Recent college graduates and potential interns will find positions available in customer service, marketing, and event and campaign coordination."

The company provides new hires with a training program that features hands-on education in a range of key areas. Sandra remarked, "We pride ourselves on developing and executing unique, personable, and professional advertising campaigns. To get our team members off to the best possible starts, we allow them to gain experience on actual campaigns right away. After they complete the initial program, members of Team South Texas Promotions are ready to represent major companies in the beauty, cosmetics, and entertainment industry with confident smiles and firm handshakes."

South Texas Promotions' Director of Operations on the Benefits of Hiring Interns and New Grads

An infusion of new talent is a boon to any company's prospects for long-term success. This is true for many reasons, but Sandra highlights a few specific benefits that come with hiring new college graduates and ambitious interns. She commented, "Young professionals really want to make their marks on our industry, so they come in ready to learn and apply new concepts. The fact that they're still in learning mode - having just come from the college classroom - only makes them better investments."

Hiring graduates and interns also brings the advantage of fresh perspectives that might not otherwise find their way into an organization. "It's easy to get lost in a bit of a bubble when you're focused on hitting lofty benchmarks," Sandra noted. "When interns and recent grads step into a workspace, they bring fresh insights to the table. Things we may not have considered, including ways to reach new demographics, become clearer to us with these refreshing outlooks."

Being comfortable with emerging technology is another point in favor of hiring interns and new grads. "We're pretty tech-savvy in the South Texas Promotions office," the Director added. "However, it's nice to have people who can bring novel approaches to making the most of new tech devices. These are just a few of the reasons careers with us are so exciting."

About South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions focuses on event-based marketing because this method provides enduring and quantifiable access to new markets while continuing to mine the potential of existing consumer bases. Through strategic research, cutting-edge design, and innovative channels of communication, South Texas Promotions' advertising experts mesmerize audiences in a variety of industries and produce tangible profits. Due to their tremendous success, the firm has enjoyed remarkably fast expansion, operating in a number of different locales both locally and nationwide. To find out more about their unique approach to front-of-mind brand awareness for companies of all sizes, visit their website at

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