South Texas Promotions Making Philanthropy a Focus in 2015

The team at South Texas Promotions has been busy planning key goals for 2015. Community service and philanthropy are high on the list. Company director, Sandra, indicated that they're intended as team-building efforts.

According to Sandra, leaders at the marketing and consulting services firm have always prioritized community service. On a regular basis, they identify worthy charities and select one or more to support in the following months. Sandra stated that they hope to serve more philanthropic organizations this year than ever before.

"Whenever my team gets the chance to interact outside the office, it results in greater cohesion,"

Sandra, Director

“It is really important to us to take the time to give back,” she said. “Our company is built on the foundation of the community around us. It is vital for us to take time to strengthen that foundation – that is how we will be able to keep expanding our business. Doing so is really good for the community, our business, and our team. Everyone wins!”

The benefits from the business’ perspective are extremely valuable, Sandra asserted. Setting up team members to work together toward a common goal is an excellent way to build morale and trust, especially if that target is for the greater good. Additionally, volunteering helps connect the team with the local community, resulting in superior networking and more opportunities.

“Whenever my team gets the chance to interact outside the office, it results in greater cohesion,” Sandra stated. “This is even better when they feel great about what they do, such as volunteering. In fact, giving back has been shown to actually improve physical and mental health. Associates work together, feel better, and have a great time!”

Finally, Sandra indicated that volunteering is a powerful way to gain perspective. This is a really important process for her team, which must generate new ideas regularly. All in all, it is clearly worthwhile for South Texas Promotions to make an effort to give back.

South Texas Promotions’ Director Discusses Ways to Give Back

According to Sandra, a lot of people are hesitant to give back because they aren’t certain how to go about it. In turn, she discussed some of the creative community service channels the team uses at South Texas Promotions. For example, she suggested that businesses sponsor local youth sports.

“One of our favorite community service ideas is to hold a competition,” she added. “Work with a few local businesses to come up with a challenge in which the prize money will be donated to a local charity. It is a fun way for the whole community to band together and do good. All it takes it a little bit of creativity and giving back can be fun and fulfilling.”

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