South Texas Promotions, Inc. Trains in Leadership

South Texas Promotions, Inc.'s director of operations explained the role of leadership development within the firm. She also discussed the impact great leaders make.

“Everything we do at South Texas Promotions, Inc., we aim to do with excellence,” said Sandra, the firm’s director of operations. “We rely on an intensive hiring process to build and retain a superior team. We train our people to understand every detail of the business. We promote readily, and we produce the absolute best outreach campaigns. In doing this, we also develop some of the best leaders in the industry.”

Sandra explained that leadership development at South Texas Promotions, Inc. is supported by a coaching system, in which every new hire is paired with an experienced professional. This approach ensures that people benefit from hands-on learning and transform into effective leaders. “A major part of our leadership training is instilling the values of trust and empowerment in our team members,” she stated. “They should know how to build and maintain business cultures that exemplify these principles.”

"A major part of our leadership training is instilling the values of trust and empowerment in our team members,"

Sandra , Director of Operations

South Texas Promotions, Inc.’s Director Describes the Goals of Great Leaders

“My colleagues and I at South Texas Promotions, Inc. don’t simply teach our people about leadership,” Sandra continued. “We train them to take action. In today’s fast-paced world of business, no one can succeed on his or her own. That’s why nurturing a diverse team in an empowering culture is so important. We want our team members to transform into leaders who can do exactly that. By joining forces, they can dominate the industry.”

According to Sandra, the primary goal of an effective leader is not to be a perfect manager. It is to understand how he or she falls short of perfection, and to fuse the strengths of all team members. This allows the leader to fill all gaps, creating an unstoppable group of people. Of course, trust is essential to ensuring success. Every person in a given group must trust each other to meet his or her responsibilities and contribute to the whole.

“Empowerment is more than just a buzzword,” Sandra concluded. “When people are supported, encouraged, and – above all else – trusted, they are motivated to work hard and achieve their goals. This includes their individual goals, their team goals, and ultimately the goals of their leaders. We impart these lessons to everyone who joins our team. The results of doing so exceed our expectations, and I’m incredibly proud of our leaders-in-training.”

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