South Texas Promotions Hiring Fresh Talent

South Texas Promotion's Director of Operations explained the need for team expansion. She described the firm's available positions and identified all the perks the company has to offer.

“At South Texas Promotions, we don’t just go through the motions,” said Sandra, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We’re invested in what we do, and passionate about it. Our associates give every project all they have, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the brands we serve or their customers. It results in more business for us, and it’s time once again to expand our team to meet growing demands.”

Sandra reported that she is recruiting career-oriented individuals to fill event coordinator, campaign and event coordinator, and customer service associate positions. They will be charged with tasks such as campaign development, which includes coordination, analysis, and monitoring. They will also train and develop new team members, develop materials, and stay informed of industry trends to provide the best possible service. In short, they will act with professionalism in all areas, contributing to the further growth and performance of South Texas Promotions.

"At South Texas Promotions, we don't just go through the motions,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

“As our associates fulfill their duties, they will also assist with buyer acquisition and retention, interact with customers and manage their needs, build recognition and drive sales for the brands we promote, solve problems and make big decisions, and develop into strong leaders,” Sandra stated. “It certainly is a lot to handle, but everyone succeeds in our culture of support and learning. My colleagues and I are eager to meet our newest coworkers. We’re setting up booths at job fairs in the Edinburg region, as well as South Texas College. Recent college grads fit notoriously well into our workplace! Further information can be found on our website.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director Highlights the Benefits of Being a Company Team Member

When it comes to hiring, there are several qualities Sandra looks for in candidates – and they don’t all pertain to technical skills. She wants business-minded people who are competitive enough to take South Texas Promotions to the next level of success. They must be determined to satisfy the needs of brands and consumers alike, and demonstrate great communication and personal skills.

“We need more leaders, with take-charge personalities,” she concluded. “They must be hard-working, driven, and ambitious. Of course, we gladly recognize the contributions of our people. They are given thorough training and individualized support, attractive incentives, exceptional opportunities for career advancement, and a fun work environment. Our company values of honesty, mastery, appreciation, and growth are reflected in our investment in the goals of every associate. As I mentioned, all openings are ideal for college graduates. We also encourage professionals with customer service and sales experience to apply. Don’t pass up the opportunity to gain entry into an amazing industry.”

About South Texas Promotions

South Texas Promotions focuses on event-based marketing because this method provides enduring and quantifiable access to new markets while continuing to mine the potential of existing consumer bases. Through strategic research, cutting-edge design, and innovative channels of communication, South Texas Promotions’ advertising experts mesmerize audiences in a variety of industries and produce tangible profits. Due to their tremendous success, the firm has enjoyed remarkably fast expansion, operating in a number of different locales both locally and nationwide. To find out more about their unique approach to front-of-mind brand awareness for companies of all sizes, visit their website at

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