South Texas Promotions Enjoys Team Nights, Sets New Goals

​​South Texas Promotions team members earn pathways to leadership, set new goals for success, and enjoy bonding at regular team nights.

South Texas Promotions team members recently celebrated several associates who were promoted into leadership positions. “Karina, Egla, Alma, Heidi, Jorge, and Victor were promoted because they are great team players,” said South Texas Promotions DOO Sandra. “They are some of our top representatives, are really united with the team, are great at helping each other and everyone else out, and push each other to do their best. I was particularly impressed with how they hold each other accountable for the goals they set. This kind of colleague accountability really leads to long-term success on major goals.”

"They got here through hard work, being consistent associates, and learning the new skills they needed to get ahead."

Sandra, Director of Operations

South Texas Promotions leadership works with each new associate to set them on a track that will lead to career success. “It’s gratifying to see so many of our team members succeed,” continued Sandra. “They got here through hard work, being consistent associates, and learning the new skills they needed to get ahead.” Team members were promoted to roles within the recruiting team, duplication, and to roles as campaign managers.

South Texas Promotions Sets New Goals for Leadership Team

The new South Texas Promotions leaders are starting strong and setting aggressive goals to help them keep their reputations as top representatives. They are using their moves into management to reinforce their success. “I’ve spoken with our new leaders and our major goal this year is to be the top team in the nation,” said DOO Sandra. “This is a really difficult goal to accomplish, but I feel confident in my entire team’s drive and determination. With their attitudes, anything is possible.”

South Texas Promotions is a great place for people of all walks of life to work. In particular, the team has several single moms as well as college students, all of whom are focused on goal setting. “We need to innovate to reach our objective for this year, so having a team that is energetic and ready to make a bigger impact is a huge help,” continued Sandra. “Our leadership sets many different goals, which include team building and customer satisfaction. Our people really take pride in not only hitting but exceeding the specific objectives we set.”

South Texas Promotions Enjoys Regular Team Nights

As part of building a team of top representatives, South Texas Promotions management is working on strengthening internal team relationships. “We’ve added team nights to the agenda each month. These can include anything from attending local sporting events to enjoying potlucks together,” said DOO Sandra. “Recently, we threw a goodbye party and baby shower for one of our top representatives. She’s leaving our team now that her baby is due, but we feel she’ll always be part of the South Texas Promotions family.”

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