South Texas Promotions Emphasizes Strong Customer Service

The director of operations at South Texas Promotions discussed her efforts to equip team members with a customer-service orientation. She also provided some tips on delivering stellar service.

Company leaders at South Texas Promotions know that outstanding customer service is at the heart of a thriving business. That is why they work hard to maintain a service-based culture and train their team members accordingly. “We want to make positive impressions on every customer we meet,” said Sandra, the firm’s director of operations. “We owe that to the people behind the valued brands we represent.”

From an associate’s first days with South Texas Promotions, the importance of delivering optimal customer service is emphasized. “We give each new addition to our team considerable hands-on training in dealing with customers,” the director noted. “It’s critical to get every associate comfortable in addressing questions and concerns from customers. We do a good job of that here.”

"The service we provide to customers is the first step on a long journey,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

The focus on excellent service at South Texas Promotions doesn’t end with a team member’s initial training. Sandra explained, “We organize monthly coaching sessions for our entire team, where we cover topics related to customer service. In order for our company to remain ahead of the competition, we must make each potential buyer feel that he or she is the most important person in the world. By keeping a close eye on trends in customer engagement and relaying that information to our associates, we can continue to do just that.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director on Providing Unmatched Customer Service

Sandra and the leaders at South Texas Promotions know that the link between customer satisfaction and retention is especially strong. “The service we provide to customers is the first step on a long journey,” the director stated. “You must continue to show appreciation if you expect to build loyalty.”

One of the ways company leaders maintain this commitment is by making every piece of communication welcoming and genuine. They carefully craft and review letters, e-mails, and other company messages to ensure they are personalized and show real appreciation for the customer.

Sandra also encourages her team members to go above and beyond the call of duty when answering customer questions. “Of course we want to make sure that we provide a helpful answer,” she remarked. “Beyond that, we should take extra time to share useful information that might help that person make the right decisions in the future. That’s the service that customers remember and respect.”

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