South Texas Promotions Emphasizes Face-to-Face Marketing

The management at South Texas Promotions outlined the benefits of face-to-face marketing in today's tech-based environment. The director of operations discussed how this trend has spurred growth and hiring.

“Face-to-face marketing is how we connect people with the brands they love,” said Sandra, the director of operations at South Texas Promotions. “Our job is to make these memorable experiences, so they form long-lasting bonds.”

Sandra outlined the process the team uses when they use face-to-face outreach methods. “When we plan our campaigns, our teams must answer some basic questions,” she said. “What is our strategy? Which part of the campaign involves personalized events? What’s the best way to interact with people who currently use the brand? Once we answer these questions, we can proceed.”

"The advent of technology has been great,"

Sandra, Director of Operations

The team members at South Texas Promotions are experts in face-to-face marketing, so they are in an ideal position to merge personal interactions with technical tools. “The advent of technology has been great,” added Sandra. “However, using devices such as mobile applications and social media is not a substitute for personally relating to customers. Instead, we use our abilities to converse with people. This combination of capabilities works well for us.”

Because they love technology, customers have high expectations about how brands should interact with them. “Generic ads don’t cut it anymore,” said Sandra. “Our promotions must be tailored to target specific audiences. Therefore, we employ the latest data gathering and analysis tools to help us create the proper messaging. This has helped us refine our processes and become more efficient.”

South Texas Promotions’ Face-to-Face Marketing Spurs Hiring

“Our personalized marketing programs have enabled us to become more productive,” said Sandra. “As a result, we have won more business in 2015.” Therefore, leadership has created a number of openings in sales and marketing. “We are looking to bring in new people who want to become part of a winning team,” she added.

Those who are interested in exploring opportunities at South Texas Promotions should refer to the company’s website. “We are searching for top performers who are driven and willing to innovate,” said the director. “We offer unlimited options for advancement. It’s a great place to work!”

Sandra is excited about the future. “At South Texas Promotions, we are the experts in face-to-face marketing. We know customers want to form relationships with their favorite brands. When they have notable experiences, people want to remember them forever. It’s our job to make that happen. When we accomplish that, it feels great!”

About South Texas Promotions

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