South Texas Promotions Develops Leaders, Sets Goals for 2016

The Director of Operations at South Texas Promotions discussed the company's leadership training methods and objectives for the New Year. She also shared her tips for setting goals.

​Company leaders at South Texas Promotions recognize the importance of getting 2016 off to a strong start. As Sandra, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “We finished 2015 on a positive note, and we want to make the coming year even more successful. As we do so, we will maintain our focus on leadership training.”

Sandra and the rest of the South Texas Promotions leadership team invest in the success of their associates. One way they do so is by offering extensive training and one-to-one education. The Director added, “From a new hire’s first days with the company, he or she learns the latest leadership techniques and trends. We want to make sure every member of our team is prepared to set the right example by pursuing ambitious goals while acting with integrity.”

"Our seasoned executives are always ready to share their knowledge with new team members,"

Sandra , Director of Operations

By pairing every new addition to the team with an experienced performer, company leaders maintain a continuum of excellence. “Our seasoned executives are always ready to share their knowledge with new team members,” Sandra remarked. “When they receive personalized guidance from accomplished professionals, new hires gain confidence from the beginning and set themselves up for sustained success.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director Offers Goal-Setting Tips

When it comes to establishing and achieving benchmarks for a new year, Sandra has some specific strategies to ensure success. “You can’t just put goals in place and expect to reach them through hard work,” she noted. “That’s certainly a big piece of the puzzle, but we at South Texas Promotions know you need to plan thoroughly if you want to accomplish big goals by the time the year is over.”

The Director believes expansive goals are more likely to be reached when they are broken down into smaller targets. She explained, “I think you should start with your end result in mind and work backward until you have some incremental objectives to pursue. If you have a big-picture goal for increasing revenue, for example, you could break that into monthly, weekly, and daily targets. It’s easier to stay motivated when you can take steps toward an ambitious goal on a regular basis.”

Sandra also recommends celebrating small successes along the way. She added, “Here at South Texas Promotions, we aren’t shy about rewarding ourselves when we reach important milestones. We don’t go overboard, but I think it’s crucial to take a few minutes to recognize success. It’s a great way to stay on track and avoid letting bumps in the road bring you down.”

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