South Texas Promotions Builds Culture During Holiday Season

South Texas Promotions' director of operations discussed a special holiday reward for her team and the office Christmas party. She also shared her tips for building a successful team.

“Here at South Texas Promotions, we believe the holiday season is the ideal time to reinforce what makes our company great,” declared Sandra, the firm’s director of operations. “For me, that means recognizing our high-achieving associates for their great work and continuing to grow the bonds between them. We did those things over the holidays, and I know 2016 will be an awesome year as a result.”

Sandra surprised her team members with an especially generous show of appreciation right before Thanksgiving. She explained, “I had my whole team go to a local grocery store and then gave each member a turkey as a gesture of my gratitude for their hard work. I think this will become a yearly tradition here at South Texas Promotions, although I may have to come up with another way to surprise our team next year.”

The company’s associates also enjoyed a memorable Christmas party as a way to close out 2015. Sandra remarked, “We held our party on the 17th floor of our building, which overlooks the city. The theme of the event was Winter Wonderland, and we had a great dinner, karaoke, and even a candy buffet for our associates’ and business partners’ children. In fact, we even had Santa as our guest of honor! It was an amazing chance for us to grow closer as a team, and I am already looking forward to the 2016 party.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director Offers Advice for Building a Dynamic Team

“If you want to field a winning team on a consistent basis, you have to know as much as possible about each member,” Sandra said. “You need to know exactly what each person’s unique talents are and what he or she is capable of contributing. I invest time and effort into knowing how our people here at South Texas Promotions are wired, and what will motivate each member to go beyond his or her current capacity.”

Sandra believes defining roles and responsibilities as clearly as possible is another key element of maintaining a strong team. She commented, “Every member’s duties need to be interconnected and dependent on each other. I think it’s helpful to look at your team as a puzzle that you can assemble in a number of different ways. As long as you align skills properly, high performance will ensue.”

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