South Texas Promotions Associates Enjoy R&R Event

Several members of Team South Texas Promotions recently attended the R&R event in the Dominican Republic. The firm's Director of Operations discussed the occasion, its networking benefits, and the many rewards of team travel.

“Our people take full advantage of all the travel opportunities they receive,” stated Sandra, the Director of Operations for South Texas Promotions. “Rest and relaxation getaways are some of the most in-demand trips we organize. We recently organized such an excursion to the Dominican Republic, and Sixela, Alma, and I had the honor of attending.”

There was plenty of time for relaxation during the Dominican Republic trip, but that was only the beginning of its benefits. The Director explained, “It was great to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the exotic location. Beyond that, the trip offered lots of networking potential. We were able to connect with top performers from our industry and others.” Those who attended brought a range of fresh insights back to the South Texas Promotions office. They also returned home with longer lists of helpful business contacts.

Sandra continued, “We also came back to work with new perspectives on the work we do. Getting away from our routines by having fun in the sun for a few days is a great way to reignite our motivation. I think I can speak for Sixela and Alma when I say that we’re even more excited to tackle aggressive goals than we were before the trip.”

South Texas Promotions’ Director on the Team-Building Effects of Travel 

Sandra believes in the team-building power of business trips, whether they involve conferences, seminars, or exotic retreats. She commented, “One of the constants of team travel is the fact that it helps you become better at time management. We always have an itinerary to follow, even when there’s lots of fun to be had. This seems to pay off when we’re back at work, because we’re better equipped to make the most of our time during a typical workday.”

There are also significant team morale boosts that emerge through travel events. Sandra added, “Although the Dominican Republic trip was really about relaxation, we also had time to discuss some ongoing projects and future goals. In the process, we learn more about each other’s unique viewpoints on getting things done. We exchange ideas in an open setting, which sparks stronger collaboration back at South Texas Promotions HQ.”

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